Our funds

At Gravis we have created funds that make infrastructure, student accommodation and asset backed investments accessible to a wide range of investors. We believe that it is vital that the characteristics of the underlying investments dictate the fund structures; LSE traded closed ended funds for less liquid assets and open ended investment companies for more liquid holdings.

Whatever the investment sector, we seek to provide our investors with steady returns, driven by a strong focus on delivering dependable, predictable income.

Closed ended funds

GCP Infra


A FTSE 250 closed ended investment fund traded on the LSE, investing in UK infrastructure projects with long-term, public sector backed revenues. Designed to provide regular, sustainable, long-term dividends.

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GCP Asset Backed


A closed ended investment fund traded on the LSE, lending to owners of assets that are integral to society, secured against physical assets or dependable cash flows.

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GCP Student


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Open ended funds

Gravis Digital Infrastructure Income Fund


A UK UCITS V Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC). The Fund will primarily invest in a diversified portfolio of securities listed in developed nations. The Fund will offer exposure to companies which own the physical infrastructure assets that facilitate and support the digital economy, including data centres, telecom towers, fibre optic cable companies, logistics warehouses and the digitalisation of transportation.

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Gravis UK Listed Property


A Non UCITs Retail Scheme (NURS) Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) which has Property Authorised Investment Fund (PAIF) status. The Fund invests primarily in UK Real Estate Investment Trusts and will initially exclude exposure to retail property companies.

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Gravis Clean Energy


A UCITS V, open-ended investment fund investing in a portfolio of global listed securities involved in the operation, funding, construction, generation and supply of clean energy.

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Gravis UK Infra


A UCITS V, open-ended investment fund investing in the UK listed infrastructure sector. Designed to give regular income, preserve capital and protect against inflation.

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