Gravis Net Zero

The Fund

The Fund will invest in infrastructure projects that accelerate the transition to net zero.

Fund Summary

Fund Name
Net Zero Capital Fund I
Fund Life
10 Years
Target Fund Size
€750 million
Target IRR (Net)
10-12% with yield component
Article 8
Limited Partnership

Investment Rationale

Here's the rationale behind the fund


Energy Transition

Assets that support the decarbonisation of electricity and/or heat generation and use


Gravis has been investing for over 10 years in assets with a core environmental or social benefit and has well-established processes in respect of ESG assessment. It is anticipated that Gravis Net Zero Capital will be an Article 8 fund under the SFDR.

ESG Credentials

Gravis Track Record

£4.3bninvested across infrastructure, real assets and real estate sectors since 2008
8.0%Infrastructure portfolio IRR
166%NAV total return - infrastructure
165Relevant investments made


Project Silver

The establishment and production of Miscanthus on farmland located in the UK. The Miscanthus will be processed to produce a pulp that can be used as a sustainable packaging alternative in place of either wood/bagasse pulp (typically imported from the Middle and Far East) or single-use plastics, thereby reducing the use of non-sustainable packaging and establishing a domestic supply of sustainable packaging products. 

Seed asset and co-investment pipeline

  • Well developed seed asset pipeline and co-investment opportunities available. See above for more information.

The Team

The dedicated investment team has a proven track-record, with over eight years' experience investing together. Benefiting from being part of a well-established asset manager with over 50 people, with experienced reporting, Investor Relations, finance, risk and compliance functions and with proprietary asset monitoring and management systems.

For more information on the strategy, the team, or Gravis please get in touch with the Investor Relations team.

Contact us

  • Contact

    Gravis Capital Management Limited,
    24 Savile Row,
    W1S 2ES,
    United Kingdom

    Telephone: +44 (0)20 3405 8500

    Email: [email protected]


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