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Public social infrastructure

Assets built and operated under government sponsored and supported programmes such as Private Finance Initiative.

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Private social infrastructure

Assets are monopolistic and built for a specific target market; cashflows are dependent upon the success of the assets.

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Private economic infrastructure

Private economic infrastructure assets are those built and operated by the private sector, without formal public sector support but often benefiting from monopoly-type positions.

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Renewable energy infrastructure

Renewable energy infrastructure assets are built to deliver sustainable power sources throughout the UK.

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Infrastructure contractors

Infrastructure assets are often large and complex and construction tends to be undertaken by large companies with long established track records of delivering such assets.

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Infrastructure debt

UK Infrastructure is financed by both debt and equity, with the former attracting highly rated debt issuance.

Investment adviser

The investment adviser to the fund is Gravis Advisory Ltd. The Gravis team can call on a wealth of experience and expertise in infrastructure investing across a broad range of sectors. More information on Gravis can be found on their website

The lead advisers from Gravis are Stephen West and William Argent.

Stephen West

Stephen West

Director (non-executive), founder

Stephen West

Stephen West

Director (non-executive), founder

Stephen is a director of Gravis, joining the company in 2015 following many years working on projects with the original founders. He is a lead fund manager for VT Gravis UK Infrastructure Income Fund.

Stephen qualified as a Barrister and thereafter spent over twenty years in the fixed income divisions at bulge bracket US and Swiss investment banks. He ran UBS’s global credit underwriting, trading, sales and research business a role which encompassed the bank’s securities and loan divisions.

Stephen graduated with a degree in Law from University College London. He was called to the Bar at Lincolns Inn. Stephen currently serves as an Entrepreneurship Expert with the Entrepreneurship centre at the Said Business School, University of Oxford.

+44 (0)20 3405 8507

William Argent

William Argent

Fund manager

William Argent

William Argent

Fund manager

Will is a fund manager at Gravis. He is jointly responsible for the oversight of the VT Gravis UK Infrastructure Income Fund and VT Gravis Clean Energy Income Fund.

Will joined Gravis in 2017 having spent 12 years working as an analyst within the private wealth management sector. His responsibilities have included the analysis and recommendation of direct equities and closed-end investment vehicles for client portfolios, setting asset allocation and strategy, and the management of in-house OEICs.

Will graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Exeter. He has passed all three levels of the CFA Program and was awarded the CFA charter in 2009.

+44 (0)20 3405 8552


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