Day in the life of an intern

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Monday morning kicks off with a company-wide meeting, where the entire team gathers to discuss key updates, recent achievements, and a preview of the week ahead. It's a great way to stay informed and feel connected to the broader goals of Gravis.

GCP Infrastructure Investments Limited ("GCP Infra"):

As an intern in the GCP Infra team, my mornings are usually occupied with tasks such as summarising investment opportunities and participating in team calls and meetings. These tasks offer me a firsthand glimpse into the world of infrastructure investment, which is exciting. Occasionally, I even get the chance to embark on site visits to our assets, which adds a fascinating dimension to my experience.

A site visit to Birmingham Bio Power Limited ("BBPL").

Skill building:

Financial modelling is a critical skill in finance, and Gravis has a structured program in place for interns. The firm has set up a structured financial modelling exercise that I work on week-by-week. It's a hands-on way to enhance my financial analysis skills and gain practical experience within asset management. 

The team:

One of the highlights of my internship is going for coffee with various team members. These conversations not only allow me to understand their career paths and roles within Gravis but also provide opportunities to assist with any tasks they might need help with. It's a dual-purpose opportunity - learning and contributing simultaneously.

Regular Check-ins:

I have regular catch-up meetings with my supervisor, where we discuss my current work, address any questions or challenges I'm facing, and delve into career-related advice. It's a mentorship opportunity that helps me navigate my internship and career prospects effectively. 


Towards the end of my internship, I allocated some time to work on a presentation to the team. The presentation centred around a regulatory update that had significant implications for asset managers, particularly regarding disclosure requirements. In the last week of my internship, I presented to the entire Gravis infrastructure team in a collaborative session with several questions from the team. This experience served as a highlight of my internship, offering a practical application of my skills, and my contribution to the team's knowledge and efforts in this area.


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