Five ways to invest for net zero

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Bianca McMillan

Associate Director

Bianca McMillan, Associate Director at Gravis, highlights five way to invest for net zero: energy, food, transport, resource use, and natural capital. Watch the full video below.

5 ways to invest for net zero

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Within energy transition, this is much wider than just conventional renewable assets such as wind and solar. We need to decarbonise baseload power. That will involve investing in initiatives such as anaerobic digestion or biomass, which are sectors that Gravis has invested in, in the past. This will become ever more important as renewables play an increasing role in the energy mix. 

Decarbonising transport will mean transitioning away from internal combustion engines and moving towards electric vehicles. With this will come the requirement to invest in charging infrastructure across cities and rural communities. There may also be the need for hydrogen or biofuels to support the heavy goods vehicles as well. 

Decarbonising the food sector can range from doing traditional agriculture in a more sustainable way through to full-controlled environments. Within controlled environments themselves, these can range from glasshouses through to automated vertical farms. 

When it comes to resources, we have to think about how we can use existing resources in a more efficient way or whether we can use alternate resources. Infrastructure projects within this asset class could include recycling plants, sustainable packaging plants, or energy from waste initiatives. 

Natural capital as an infrastructure asset class can include include afforestation and land restoration projects. These involve growing trees to act as a natural carbon sink. We can also invest in biodiversity net gains, which involves selling credits to land developers..

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