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At Gravis we believe in a long-term approach, investing in things that will be needed for many years to come. Building on our investments in hospitals, schools and student accommodation we’ve expanded into increasingly important areas, such as renewable energy generation, supported living, logistics and data centres, to name but a few.

Our investments are generally underpinned by dependable cashflows and generate long term predictable income. If it’s vital to social and economic infrastructure, it’s right up our street.

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Managing assets of £3bn

Across a diverse range of sectors and structures.        

This includes our open-ended Funds which are managed by Valu-Trac and advised by Gravis. 

Steady does it


Gravis Capital Partners LLP was founded

July 2010

IPO of GCP Infrastructure Investments Ltd, the first UK listed fund investing in UK infrastructure debt

May 2013

IPO of GCP Student Living Plc, the UK's first REIT investing in student accommodation

October 2015

IPO of GCP Asset Backed Income Fund Ltd, a UK listed fund investing in asset backed debt

December 2015

GCP Advisory Ltd, a subsidiary of Gravis Capital Partners, was formed to advise the open-ended fund range

January 2016

Launched the VT Gravis UK Infrastructure Income Fund, the first OEIC investing in the UK's listed infrastructure sector

April 2017

Gravis Capital Partners LLP was restructured as a limited company, Gravis Capital Management (Gravis), with the seven partners of the LLP becoming shareholders and directors of Gravis

April 2017

GCP Advisory Ltd was renamed as Gravis Advisory Ltd

December 2017

The VT Gravis Clean Energy Income Fund, the only UK UCITS V OEIC through which investors can access income from the global clean energy sector

January 2019

Gravis became a signatory to the Principles of Responsible Investment 

October 2019

The VT Gravis UK Listed Property (PAIF) Fund was launched, giving investors access to the UK's property sector with daily liquidity

September 2020

Published Responsible Investment Policy outlining our commitments as a business (see the Responsible Investment page)

February 2021

Gravis entered into a strategic partnership with ORIX Corporation - see below for more information

May 2021

The VT Gravis Digital Infrastructure Income Fund, the first UK UCITS V OEIC investing in the digital infrastructure sector, was launched

September 2021

Gravis introduces a formal Voting & Engagement Policy for the open-ended fund range

December 2021

GCP Student Living was acquired by Scape Living Plc (funded by APG Asset Management N.V.) and iQSA Holdco Limited (funded by The Blackstone Group International Partners LLP)

February 2022

Gravis became a member of the UN Global Compact Network

April 2024

Gravis gains its certification as a B Corporation.

Introducing ORIX

Gravis is an independently managed business with ORIX as our majority shareholder. ORIX are a global financial service company based in Japan. Their partnership has helped us to expand into new markets, focus on returns for our investors and make sure responsible investing leads the way.

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