Introducting GCP Infra

The market


Target investment sectors – UK only

Target sectors for infrastructure lending are capital intensive, socially desirable projects which are, therefore, primarily backed by long term, PUBLIC SECTOR BACKED CASH FLOWS.


Investment structure

Investment is in PROJECT COMPANIES that generate revenue from long-term contracts with public sector or public sector-backed counterparties. Generally such project companies have no employees or other business.


Investment control

Total revenues will typically be used to pay IN SPECIFIED ORDER OF PRIORITY: the cost of operating and/or maintaining the asset, debt and finally to provide a return to the equity holders.


Attractions of infrastructure debt investments

The fund is primarily exposed to a diversified portfolio of loans secured against UK infrastructure projects generating primarily public sector backed cash flows.

Investment adviser

The Investment Adviser to GCP Infra is Gravis Capital Management Ltd. The Gravis team has worked together over many years to build both investment philosophy and a practical track record of performance. More information on Gravis can be found on their website

The lead adviser from Gravis is Phil Kent.

Philip Kent

Philip Kent


Philip Kent

Philip Kent


Phil is a director of Gravis. He acts as lead adviser to GCP Infra.

Phil joined Gravis from Foresight Group where he was responsible for investments in the waste and renewable sectors, including large waste wood combustion projects and a pipeline of AD projects across the UK. Phil has been involved in the energy sector for over ten years, working initially as a consultant within PA Consulting’s Energy practice, focussing on energy markets and energy asset valuations. In 2008, he moved to Gazprom Marketing and Trading, working in risk management across a number of commodities before moving into the Clean Energy team.

Phil graduated with a degree in geography from Oxford University.

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