Introducing GCP Asset Backed

The market


Target asset classes

Assets that meet structural demands for services or goods.


Opportunity for lending

The loans that GABI targets are typically unquoted and less accessible than mainstream credit investments.


The creation of value

Don’t buy what the market wants to sell you, create what you want to own.

Investment manager

The Investment manager to GCP Asset Backed is Gravis Capital Management Ltd. The Gravis team has worked together over many years to build both investment philosophy and a practical track record of performance. More information on Gravis can be found on their website

The lead manager from Gravis is David Conlon.

David Conlon

David Conlon


David Conlon

David Conlon


David is a director of Gravis and the lead fund manager for GCP Asset Backed.

David is a chartered accountant, having trained at PwC before going into the Project Finance team at KPMG. He has over 14 years’ experience in project finance investment and has been involved in investing and arranging both debt and equity in a wide range of projects in the PFI, renewable and social infrastructure sectors. David joined Gravis in 2013 as part of the origination team.

David has an LLB in Law from Nottingham Trent University.

+44 (0)20 3405 8511